We have Best Gold Detector & Metal Detector
We have Best Gold Detector & Metal Detector
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After you choose the product, we will need some personal information to prepare the preliminary purchase invoice. You need to provide the following details: -Full name -Detailed full address (necessary for shipping) -A valid email address or a phone number.
Klayzer Technology for gold detectors provides all of its valued customers with a comprehensive guarantee on all of its devices sold by the company itself or by one of our distributors. All our devices and products pass different quality tests and checks. Once shipped the device will be ready to use. If you have any problem while using the device, please contact us immediately to request a repair. Our customer services will give you the needed instructions for repair or replacement.
We support nearly all payment methods such as wire banking transfer from any bank all over the world supported by an official purchase invoice in the name of our client. We also support PayPal payment service -if available in our customer's country-, MasterCard, and Visa payment services.
Different weather conditions affect the efficiency of metal detectors. Some models can work in all conditions and terrain types, even in snowy weather conditions. Other models are not ready for tough conditions as they are not waterproof and might give false readings. The Klayzer Max 2D and klayzer Gr Pro from Klayzer Technologies can operate and detect minerals underwater.
VLF detectors work using two coils in a perfect balance. The outer coil works as a transmitter. It creates a magnetic field using alternating current. This magnetic field is distorted by the presence of any metallic object. The inner coil works as a receiver. It reads the secondary magnetic field made by the metal. This converter then amplifies the magnetic field and converts it to audio tones. The device then uses phase demodulators to differentiate different objects.
Yes for sure, we have special models made to exclusively detect gold nuggets and even small granules that weigh less than one gram. Such as Klayzer GR Pro – Klayzer Max 2D
We ship our products through DHL international shipping services. They deliver to 200 countries all over the globe. If you give us accurate information about your address, we guarantee that your products will be delivered to your address directly. The shipping duration differs according to the country. It takes about two days to deliver to most European and Middle East countries. It takes about four days maximum to deliver to East Asia and South America.
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