We have Best Gold Detector & Metal Detector
We have Best Gold Detector & Metal Detector
  • Phone Number

  • 0049 1577 5544 155

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  • Corporate Office

  • Ricklinger Str 62 , 30449 Hannover , Germany

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  • Email Address

  • info@klayzer-technology.com

  • Be one of our distributors - Before Starting


    Before filling the form, please read the terms carefully to guarantee your rights.


  • What does it mean to be one of the Klayzer Technology distributors/vendors?


    When you join our agents and distributors of Klayzer Technology, this means you are becoming a part of our company. You are always welcomed to join us but you need to be confident about us and the quality of our products.

    On the other side, our cutting-edge products speak about themselves, so make sure that we will always make you proud. When you become a distributor of our products, this makes our success mutual.

  • Why Join Us

    Our company is a pioneer in the field of metal detectors industry. We help miners either professionals or amateurs that do it for fun, to find gold and metals easily and with high accuracy.

    Klayzer Technology devices enjoy elegant design and simplicity to use. Our sales and customer service teams speak English, German, Spanish, French, and Arabic. Our support teams will be available to help you and our clients with any problem around the hour.

    Our research and development team joins a bunch of expert German engineers that work on developing new products and solve any existing problems in creative ways.

    We receive our clients' requests and sort their problems out immediately. 

    Our company will help you attract more clients by providing many offers and discounts throughout the year.

    • German Engineers
    • Multiple Languages Support
    • Development Cycle
    • Trusted Support
  • What are the products available for vendors?

    1.Klayzer GR Pro.

    2.Klayzer 2D.

    3.Klayzer Klein Smart.

  • What are the terms you need to know before joining us?

    - Committing to the determined prices, any manipulation in them will result in immediate contract termination.

    - The distributors must send monthly reports of the sold devices and the clients’ data.

    - Klayzer Technology demands that our vendors should have their own marketing abilities and campaigns.

    - The distributor is only allowed to sell our products in a certain determined area.

    - Be enthusiastic about our product, knowing that you sell the best products to our clients.

    - Provide us with accurate data about the market status surrounding you.

    - Provide us with legitimate information about you and your business.

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